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Friday, June 29, 2012

Skype Moment 2

I think its the next day... or the same day... I can't remember... But one more Rusher joined my skype with Hikma!!! Her name.... ANISHA!!! Welcome to the skype group Anisha..... I can't forget this three rushers skype moment... I had a LOT OF FUN talking to you guys!!! Its just awesome and epic!! Eventhough I cant see their face, just to hear their voice in skype will just make me smile wide... We laugh, share secrets, talking bout KOGAN(we even make an equation for that), watch amazing BTR's video that's what we do...
Just awesome!! But the night is already old.. I have to sleep so I told them we'll continue tomorrow night.. I went to bed with a smile on my face thinking bout the funny things happened that night...


Logan(ME) + Kendall(HIKMA) = Kogan(ANISHA)

We said it like this... Hikma+Me equals to Anisha..... Its kindda funny equation...

 KOGAN picture

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