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Thursday, April 19, 2012

How Was Your Day??

So tell me how was your day?? Fun or no fun?? Well, for me I feel HAPPY after chatting with my lovely rusher friend that is also my second family.... Akifa n Yasmin!!! You two are the awesomest friend!!! If you're reading this... Know that I love you sooooo much and also love the other BTRM family member!! Tution in the morning n nothing more fun to tell you guys.. Well, How Was Your Day reminds me of BTR song.... Can you guess which song?????????????????? OFCOURSE WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't mind if I share some of the lyrics right.... So here it is...

Wait a minute before you tell me anything, how was your day?
Cause I've been missing, You by my side,
Did I awake you out of your dreams?
I'm sorry but I couldn't sleep
You calm me down
There's something 'bout the sound of your voice

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Why I Love BTR....

The reasons I love BTR:

> Their songs are amazing
>They're handsome especially Logan.....
>They write their own song
>Because of them I got to meet an awesome Rusher Family!! 2nd family, if you're reading this.. Know that I LOVE YOU guys soooooo much!!
>Amazingest group ever existed on earth
>Their movie is the awesomest ever and hillarious
>Face that can't be resist
>Big Time Rush television series is EPIC.. Just shut up and watch!!! :D
>These guys are hillarious

Thats why I LOVE BTR!!! To all Rushers out there keep loving and supporting BTR... Don't forget to vote for BTR at any competition!! Rushers are the amazing fans ever as a prove.. Because of our support, BTR won their blimb at Kid's Choice Award!! Rushers RULE THE WORLD!!!

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Somebody To Love

Everybody have somebody to LOVE right??
Well I do to... Just different cause she's a girl!!
Its not like I love her to be my life partner but love her because I admirer her!! She success in her career... Following her heart to get success in life... She's beautiful!! I bet you all know her!! Yes,One and only TAYLOR SWIFT!! Luv ya TAYLOR <3 ..... She's the awesomest women artist in my life!! I just wish I could meet her someday and hug her and say 'I love you Taylor'.. With big smiles on my face!! :D Taylor please come to Malysia fast!!!! Need you know!! Tweet everyday until you come to Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!! I am speaking now, Taylor!!

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You're Sweet You Know??

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blog Clean Up....??

Esok nak kemas balik blog n everything so would be nice and teratur sikit.... More updates n more about Big Time Rush... Taylor Swift ... N Greyson... Night!! <3

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