I made this widget at MyFlashFetish.com.

I made this widget at MyFlashFetish.com.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Skype Moment 1

It was at night..... Cold night.... While I was chatting with the other Rushers in facebook...... Suddenly!!! I've got this idea.... The idea was to skype with my fellow rushers friends.... I asked them but only one agree to have skype with me... The name of the Rusher is Hikma!! At first it was very awkward as I never chat with them face to face and never heard their voice before... The first thing I said was HI! and give a smile... But she can't hear me.... Earphones problem...!! Then she get another one and we chat all night long!!! She never thought that she will be talking to me cause there's this one conflict before.... But know here we are talking to each other and share rusher's secret... What an Epic night!!! How I love talking to her soooooo much!!!

A RushSwiftChancer Story

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