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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why I Love BTR....

The reasons I love BTR:

> Their songs are amazing
>They're handsome especially Logan.....
>They write their own song
>Because of them I got to meet an awesome Rusher Family!! 2nd family, if you're reading this.. Know that I LOVE YOU guys soooooo much!!
>Amazingest group ever existed on earth
>Their movie is the awesomest ever and hillarious
>Face that can't be resist
>Big Time Rush television series is EPIC.. Just shut up and watch!!! :D
>These guys are hillarious

Thats why I LOVE BTR!!! To all Rushers out there keep loving and supporting BTR... Don't forget to vote for BTR at any competition!! Rushers are the amazing fans ever as a prove.. Because of our support, BTR won their blimb at Kid's Choice Award!! Rushers RULE THE WORLD!!!

A RushSwiftChancer Story

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